Alex Harford
Alex Harford

Alex Harford

Hailing from Manchester, Alex is a highly skilled actor, musician and composer.

He is a bass, electric and acoustic guitarist... who also plays drums, piano and harmonica.

A skilled jazz dancer and extremely fit, Alex is also into climbing, skating, swimming and jet-ski.

  • creative vitae

  • cilla

    Cilla the Musical

    Alex Played George Harrison in the UK tour from 2017 to 2018. Watch the Cilla trailer.

  • Bee-Eaters


    Alex composed the music for the 2020 independent feature film The Bee-Eaters, produced by Foliate Films. 

  • bright

    Bright Young Things

    Alex wrote the arrangements and undertook the musical direction for the workshop of Dylan Wynford's new musical Bright Young Things in 2017.

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    Sleep Walking Animals

    Writes and performs with the band Sleep Walking Animals

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    Lead Guitarist for Louis Coupe

    'Puppet' and 'Honey' available now. 

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  • bass guitar

    Bass Guitar*

  • acoustic guitar

    Acoustic Guitar*

  • electric guitar

    Electric Guitar*

  • drumkit


  • harmonica


  • piano


  • swimming