Keeping it crossed for Calum


This weekend I’m hoping to mainly spend chuckling and cheering.

Calum Gulvin is part of the ribticklingly funny comedy group Selcouth Show, a group of talented ArtsEd grads who create comedy sketches. Already featured on the independent comedy online streaming service Twisted Mirror TV, Selcouth Show have just picked up a nomination from the IMDB listed London Short Series Festival for Best Comedy for their sketch House Viewing.

Part of a worldwide network of festivals, The London Short Series is an opportunity for web series and digital content makers to unite for three days to celebrate online storytelling. The festival provides digital story-makers with a unique opportunity to showcase and partake in original screenings, workshops from leading industry professionals and more, as an international audience of digital movers and shakers unite for this unique occasion.

Selcouth Show have been nominated for Best Comedy for House Viewing which stars Calum and guest stars Sarah Seggari.

The festival is currently up and running here and the awards take place this Saturday from 19.00. Keeping everything crossed!

Follow Selcouth Show on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more LOLS. Yes, I said LOLS. Deal with it.

Scoot along for some Scrooge

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll confirm I am the least Christmass-y person imaginable. My birthday is right before Christmas so I know that the Three Wise Men said “This is for your birthday AND for Christmas…” which always made me a bit bitter growing up! I have been known to ban decorations and Christmas tunes until Christmas Eve, yep, I’m THAT Grinch.

This year though, I think we all need a little bit of cheering up. So I’m delighted that Max Hutchinson‘s terrific theatre company Scoot Theatre are one of the many thousands of companies bringing Dickens’ Christmas Carol to life. I’ve read an early draft of the script and can assure you this is the perfect treat for the family this year and will bring a smile to even the most Scrooged of us.

Written and directed by the lovely Max, book early to ensure your spot and allow Scoot to spread a bit of Christmas cheer this December.

For more details and to book click here.

Driving home for Christmas…

I can’t be the only one secretly hoping that when all the pandemic has finally eased enough for us to be allowed back into theatres that online streaming will continue, in some form at least. It would be wonderful to think that productions, particularly new writing, could have a wider reach and that theatre could be made more accessible via the internet.

As nights grow longer and evenings colder, I confess the thought of being able to snuggle on the sofa with a cup of something warm and watch a brand new musical beamed into my home is a pretty enticing one. Even more enticing when the team involved boasts the wonderful Grace Taylor as director.

Somehow, despite being the very busy Associate Director on Six, Grace has managed to continue her commitment to new musical theatre. In recent years she has worked on The Whisper House, The Attic, Fanatical, Wasted, and Harmony Park to name a few. She works closely with Somewhat Awkward as Artistic Director for The Ceiling Project a platform for new musical theatre featuring female or female-led writing teams.

Now, Grace continues her association with Stay Awake, Jake the new musical by Tim Gilvin which will be presented at Southwark Playhouse as a live-stream production on December 18th and 19th.

Stay Awake, Jake is the story of one man’s journey across England’s deserted motorways to be reunited with his girlfriend. It is a musical about love, responsibility, fatherhood, and ultimately what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

Casting is yet to be announced but keep an ear out for the soon to be released album which features Ahmed Hamad as Jake. The team behind the album; musical director Tamara Saringer, musical supervisor Nick Pinchbeck, orchestrator Matthew Malone, and Pearson Casting all return for the Southwark production.

I’m also delighted that the co-producers on this will be Matthew Rankcom‘s theatre company The Grey Area Theatre.

For more details on Stay Awake, Jake and how to book click here.

Top scare score!

Another bit of spooktacular news this Halloween!

Ashley M. A. Walsh won Best Film Score for his work on The Long Walk Back at Hellifax Horror Fest. He also picked up a nomination in the same category from the Sandgrounder Film Festival. A prolific musical theatre writer, Ashley is also a skilled film composer, and we reckon these are just the first awards in an exciting career.

Totally delighted for Ashley and his work on this super creepy horror short which was directed by Eyre and Ely & Sam Retford and starred Delphi Lacey, Sam Retford, and Rebecca Evans.

Please contact JBR for Ashley’s film composition portfolio.

I put a spell on you…

Yes, it’s that time of year. Pumpkins, potions, plays and…Pantaloons.

Things are a bit different this year, to be sure. Still, we’re not letting it get us down and we’re embracing the challenge, right? With that in mind, there’s a spooky delight in store for you on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October as long-time Pantaloons member, Tim Phelps, joins the rambunctious company for a trademark hilariously hair-raising interactive show. Part comedy horror anthology, and part video conference call, A Spectre Calls is an experience unlike any other.

So if Zoom, or FaceTime or Skype, or Google Hangouts is your idea of hell then you’ll be in great company with the brilliant Pantaloons. Book now for this interactive horror special and put a smile on your face to rival any pumpkin carving.

Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (evil cackle. Obvs)

For more information and to book click here

Innovate and Survive

Ashley Goh joins the cast of new musical Shift+Alt+Right

Our industry has been forced to innovate more than ever before as a result of the pandemic. Theatre has embraced new ways of reaching audiences and Adam Lenson Productions has been at the forefront of examining how to explore and push the boundaries of how musical theatre can adapt to survive.

No surprise then that this innovative new musical from Hilmi Jaidin is being produced by ALP. Conceived and written entirely for digital presentation, Shift+Alt+Right was written by Jaidin to examine the ways in which extremism has adapted to new technology. It will be performed live by actors in four different locations, using new streaming software advances to create a live cinematic event that is acted and sung live each night.

Adam Lenson and I have been friends for a very long time and it’s inspiring to see how he devotes himself to new musical theatre, to stretching the form and breaking down barriers. I’m thrilled therefore that Ashley has been cast in this groundbreaking new piece and I can’t wait to see how this works and unfolds. Ashley is a very exciting new voice in musical theatre and is overjoyed to be part of this.

For more information on Shift+Alt+Right click here.

Tats Nyazika in A Black Story

Tats Nyazika performs in A Black Story for Applecart Arts’ Dazed New World Festival.

Tats has been so busy during the last six months that you’d be forgiven for thinking that there hasn’t been a global pandemic or lockdown at all!

He continues this busy streak this week as he performs in A Black Story for Applecart Arts.

Written by Sabrina Richmond, A Black Story places relationships in the time of Covid under the microscope, taking three households and three sets of relationships in one unassuming Victorian terrace and addressing how each is reordering life as they once knew it.

A Black Story premiers on October 19th and then repeats on October 21st and 24th, giving you three opportunities to catch it.

For more information on Applecart Arts, the Dazed New World Festival, or A Black Story, click here.

Infamy, Infamy!


As we slowly crawl back into getting theatres open and putting shows on in them again it’s exciting to see continued experimentation with the theatrical form. Here comes a brand new, online, radio musical from MP Theatricals.

Ashley Goh joins the company of Make Me Infamous! which features Book, Music and Lyrics by Jude Taylor. Make Me Infamous tells the story of a girl who writes theme tunes for supervillains and what happens when a group of disgruntled aspiring villains team up to steal her work. This two hour radio musical is available for pre-order as a digital download, due to be released early November. The release will include behind the scenes features and a virtual comic book.

Not content with just being in the company, the talented Ashley also lends their skill as an artist, designing the production artwork and featuring in the digital comic book which comes as a download with every purchase.

For more details and to preorder your copy, visit the Make Me Infamous! webpage here.

Isabella in the Underworld


Absolutely delighted for new client Isabella who is heading down to hell to party with the Devil in the Underworld in an immersive party hosted by The Vaults.

Dante’s In-Furlough (which needs some kind of award just for having the most fantastic title) is a socially distanced immersive show where patrons are invited to be part of the Devil’s wedding celebration – if you can navigate the nine circles of hell to get there.

Faced with the choice of partying in the Underworld at the society wedding of the year or spending another night on Earth in the current living hell that is the global pandemic, I’m sure Isabella has made the right decision in joining the company of Dante’s In-Furlough and getting down and dirty with Devil.

Why not join her for the night of your life? Book here.

Need a bit more persuading? Watch the trailer below.

Neil Jennings in Walford


I’m old enough to remember hearing that now-familiar theme tune for the very first time and seeing the Walford constabulary called in to investigate the murder of Reg Cox (Spoiler alert: Nick Cotton did it.)

You’d have to have been a very astute fortune-teller to predict that 35 years later I’d be switching on to watch my client (and brother-in-law) Neil Jennings make his debut appearance as part of the Walford Constabulary.

Tune in tonight to watch Neil on the Square on BBC1 at 20:35. I know one thing; Nick Cotton’s not involved this time.

Watch Eastenders here.