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Isabella in the Underworld


Absolutely delighted for new client Isabella who is heading down to hell to party with the Devil in the Underworld in an immersive party hosted by The Vaults.

Dante’s In-Furlough (which needs some kind of award just for having the most fantastic title) is a socially distanced immersive show where patrons are invited to be part of the Devil’s wedding celebration – if you can navigate the nine circles of hell to get there.

Faced with the choice of partying in the Underworld at the society wedding of the year or spending another night on Earth in the current living hell that is the global pandemic, I’m sure Isabella has made the right decision in joining the company of Dante’s In-Furlough and getting down and dirty with Devil.

Why not join her for the night of your life? Book here.

Need a bit more persuading? Watch the trailer below.

Neil Jennings in Walford


I’m old enough to remember hearing that now-familiar theme tune for the very first time and seeing the Walford constabulary called in to investigate the murder of Reg Cox (Spoiler alert: Nick Cotton did it.)

You’d have to have been a very astute fortune-teller to predict that 35 years later I’d be switching on to watch my client (and brother-in-law) Neil Jennings make his debut appearance as part of the Walford Constabulary.

Tune in tonight to watch Neil on the Square on BBC1 at 20:35. I know one thing; Nick Cotton’s not involved this time.

Watch Eastenders here.

Neil Jennings wins ACE funding


In what has been, lets face it, a pretty gloomy year for the arts, let’s celebrate a bit of good news, shall we?

Thrilled to announce that Neil Jennings has just received ACE funding for his theatre company, Mangled Yarn, to present their Christmas show.

Every Time A Bell Rings is the story of how Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, earned his wings. It may sound like a familiar tale but an angel needs to learn their trade, and that’s a lesser known story.

Using a mixture of live and pre-recorded performances, including interviews and stories, all collected and reworked in Mangled Yarn’s own raucous style.

Alongside a live, socially distanced audience, Every Time a Bell Rings will also be available to Live Stream or Download at a later date, so even if you can’t join us live in person for whatever reason, we can still reach out to you… it turns out it IS a wonderful life.

More details here

Creative clients working on new musical


Put the words magical realism, Gothic, feminist, and black comedy together and I’m all in.

An original musical that pays homage to Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Charlotte Bronte, Virginia Woolf and Gabriel García Márquez, The Attic was expected to play at Goldsmiths in a workshop as part of their new musical course. When Covid put an end to that, rather than postponing, The Attic sought out a new home and was delighted to settle in to The Union Theatre for this presentation.

Including not one, not two, but three of my creative clients, the irrepressible Estee Stimler who provides book and lyrics, Ashley M A Walsh, riding high from the success of The Jury at Upstairs at the Gatehouse as composer, and the perpetually busy Six Associate Director Grace Taylor as Director, The Attic will play an industry presentation at The Union on October 1st boasting a fabulous cast of West End performers.

I. Can’t. Wait.

Matthew Rankcom directs Before After


When lockdown postponed Matthew Rankcom’s highly-anticipated revival of Side Show it was, understandably, a blow. Undeterred Matthew went ahead and launched his new theatre company Grey Area Theatre with The Zoom Where It Happens, an online showcase of new musical theatre using 2020 drama grads.

Following the success of The Zoom Where It Happens, Grey Area announced they would be partnering with Southwark Playhouse to present an online rehearsed reading of Stuart Matthew Price and Timothy Knapman’s new musical Before After starring West End royalty: real-life husband and wife Hadley Fraser and Rosalie Craig playing a couple who were once very much in love.

[Sidebar, this feels particularly special to me as I was at Mountview at the same time as Stuart Matthew Price and, when he appeared as the Young Soldier in Parade at the Donmar, he was one of the first people I interviewed during my theatre journalist days!]

Before After will be available online to watch in the comfort of your own living room/armchair/bed/wherever. I love new musical theatre and I can’t wait to experience this.

Book your tickets here.

Tats Nyazika urges Hands, Face, Space!


Tats has been a busy lad during lockdown, appearing in a Movember Mental Health campaign on Facebook, being invited to workshop new play, The Moors, by Tonderai Munyevu and appearing in a piece of online theatre, Southwold, for The Space as part of 2.0 Fest.

Now he’s popping up in the UK Government’s campaign for the NHS advising us all to be aware of our Hands, Face & Space in order to stem the spread of Covid-19 and not overwhelm the NHS

It’s an important campaign with a great message and Tats is thrilled to be part of it.

Watch the campaign here.

Renée Levi tours with Young Shakespeare Company


Another graduate from St. Mary’s, Twickenham (I like it there!), I first met Renée in late 2017 and was initially impressed by her wit and fierce intelligence. She completely blew me away at her graduating showcase in 2018 and I was thrilled that she chose me to represent her.

Matching the client to the job is really important to me and after graduation Renée showed an increasing interest in working with young people. She, like me, feels that representation and putting back is important so the Young Shakespeare Company seemed like a natural fit. She thought they were “the loveliest people in the world” when she first auditioned for them. Lucky for us, the YSC thought the same about her and cast her as Juliet in their current tour of Romeo & Juliet.

Touring schools in the UK at the moment, she’s super excited to be taking Romeo & Juliet out to Gibraltar later in the year.

Max Hutchinson in …Everything


What can I say about the charming, dashing, and debonair Max Hutchinson? We’ve been working together on and off for a few years now; we booked his role in Downton Abbey together and then, when his agent unexpectedly left the industry, I was privileged enough to be his first call.

In the short space of time since Max joined me at JBR Creative Management we’ve seen the release of Downton Abbey, he’s booked a commercial for Tommee Tippee, landed the role of The Actor in Woman In Black in the West End (a dream job and real bucket list moment for him), and next month has another feature film coming out, Dream Horse, in which he plays James Lingford opposite Toni Collette.

With him settled in to Woman in Black for the next year it would be easy for him to sit back and enjoy a bit of a break. Not Max. A true all-round creative, he’s already working on several very exciting projects and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.

Visit Woman In Black here

Something WICKER this way comes!


Advice. If you’re thinking about representing your husband, maybe think again. Agenting is an all-consuming job at the best of times without pillow-talk involving a discussion on which headshot best captures your loved one.

All that said, I can’t imagine anyone being more proud of Rhys Jennings than I am. Watching him grow and develop over the last twelve years has been an incredibly joyful experience. I never imagined that in addition to building a great CV as an actor, including a number of West End jobs, he would also become an award-winning musical theatre writer.

My pride in representing him as both an actor and writer is immeasurable and I cannot wait for the world to see his extraordinary work, The Wicker Husband, when it opens at The Watermill Theatre in March.

Find out more & book tickets

Calum Gulvin tours in Friendsical

I often think that just having the right attitude in this industry is half the battle and Calum certainly has that. I mean, truth be told, endless positivity can be a bit wearing sometimes but Calum is just one of those young actors who brims with good cheer and an optimistic outlook.

Little wonder then that he’s having the time of his life touring in Friendsical, a loving parody of the Friends TV series. If any series taught us about the value of keeping positive and surrounding yourself with upbeat people, it’s Friends, right?

Calum is touring in Friendsical until August.