Ahoy me hearties!

Ahoy me hearties!


Over the last year Isabella Leung has been to hell and back twice, literally. She was appearing in the immersive spectacular Dante’s In-Furlough at The Vaults where the audience were invited to revel in the fiery flames of hell but lockdown closed that down – not once, but twice!

Undaunted, Isabella picked herself up and decided to set her sails on a different destination. This year she’s hitting the high seas of 19th Century China in A Game Not Lost as Ching Shih 鄭石氏, a Chinese pirate leader who terrorised the China Seas during the Jiaqing Emperor period of the Qing dynasty.

Ching Shih commanded over 1800 junks (traditional Chinese sailing ships) manned by 60,000 to 80,000 pirates – men, women, and occasionally children. Her ships entered into conflict with several major powers, such as the East India Company, the Portuguese Empire, and the Qing government. In her early life she was a Cantonese prostitute who worked in a floating brothel (花船) in Canton.

Isabella is working with director and writer Dorothy Kay and dramaturg Zhui Ning Chang to stream Ching Shih’s incredible story into your home.

Find out more about A Game Not Lost and book tickets here.

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