Driving home for Christmas…

Driving home for Christmas…

I can’t be the only one secretly hoping that when all the pandemic has finally eased enough for us to be allowed back into theatres that online streaming will continue, in some form at least. It would be wonderful to think that productions, particularly new writing, could have a wider reach and that theatre could be made more accessible via the internet.

As nights grow longer and evenings colder, I confess the thought of being able to snuggle on the sofa with a cup of something warm and watch a brand new musical beamed into my home is a pretty enticing one. Even more enticing when the team involved boasts the wonderful Grace Taylor as director.

Somehow, despite being the very busy Associate Director on Six, Grace has managed to continue her commitment to new musical theatre. In recent years she has worked on The Whisper House, The Attic, Fanatical, Wasted, and Harmony Park to name a few. She works closely with Somewhat Awkward as Artistic Director for The Ceiling Project a platform for new musical theatre featuring female or female-led writing teams.

Now, Grace continues her association with Stay Awake, Jake the new musical by Tim Gilvin which will be presented at Southwark Playhouse as a live-stream production on December 18th and 19th.

Stay Awake, Jake is the story of one man’s journey across England’s deserted motorways to be reunited with his girlfriend. It is a musical about love, responsibility, fatherhood, and ultimately what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

Ahmed Hamad reprises the role of Jake for the Southwark livestream, Tamara Saringer returns as Musical Director, and it is produced by Pearson Theatre Productions & Damien Tracey in association with S&S Theatre Productions. The lovely James & Rosie Pearson also cast the production.

For more details on Stay Awake, Jake and how to book click here.

Catch a first look and listen to Ahmed in Stay Awake, Jake, here.

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