It’s a little bit funny…

It’s a little bit funny…


There are some jobs that strike a personal chord. Perhaps it’s a ‘bucket list’ venue, or job, or director, or perhaps it’s when it’s one of those rare full-circle moments. I’ll be sure to ask Oliver Lynes whether this particular job strikes that chord with him as this does, indeed, mark a full-circle moment.

I have no idea what it’s like to return to a theatre you performed in as a child (although if the London Coliseum wants to give me a ring and invite me, I’m open to it!) so I think this job might be very special for Oliver. It marks, not only his return to Shakespeare and to theatre after the pandemic, but also a return to one of the first theatres he ever performed in.

The news that Oliver has joined the cast of The Maltings Theatre, St. Albans for The Comedy of Errors is really special and I can’t wait to see this and ask him what it’s like to come back to where it all began. To be announcing it on Shakespeare’s birthday too – what a joy!

Find out more about The Comedy of Errors here.

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