Max Scoots back this summer!

Max Scoots back this summer!

Before lockdown hit in 2020, Max Hutchinson had been playing the role of The Actor in Woman in Black in the West End. Faced with no prospect of returning to terrify audiences Max decided to launch his own theatre company, Scoot Theatre, bringing an open-air Midsummer Night’s Dream to cricket grounds in London and the environs.

As one of the first companies to start putting on theatre again, Scoot demonstrated that theatre was resilient and viable delighting packed audiences and winning a 4 star review from The Telegraph. They followed up with a celebration of musical theatre and an adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Now Max is bringing Scoot back with not one, but two Shakespeare productions. A Midsummer Night’s Dream returns by popular demand and this summer they’re adding The Comedy of Errors to the repertoire.

Both shows are under 60 minutes long, family friendly and promise to deliver a wonderful night out whether you’re a Shakespeare aficionado or a first-timer.

For more details and to book, check Scoot’s website here and watch the trailer below.

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