Neil Jennings wins ACE funding

Neil Jennings wins ACE funding


In what has been, lets face it, a pretty gloomy year for the arts, let’s celebrate a bit of good news, shall we?

Thrilled to announce that Neil Jennings has just received ACE funding for his theatre company, Mangled Yarn, to present their Christmas show.

Every Time A Bell Rings is the story of how Clarence Odbody, Angel Second Class, earned his wings. It may sound like a familiar tale but an angel needs to learn their trade, and that’s a lesser known story.

Using a mixture of live and pre-recorded performances, including interviews and stories, all collected and reworked in Mangled Yarn’s own raucous style.

Alongside a live, socially distanced audience, Every Time a Bell Rings will also be available to Live Stream or Download at a later date, so even if you can’t join us live in person for whatever reason, we can still reach out to you… it turns out it IS a wonderful life.

More details here

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