Renée Levi tours with Young Shakespeare Company

Renée Levi tours with Young Shakespeare Company


Another graduate from St. Mary’s, Twickenham (I like it there!), I first met Renée in late 2017 and was initially impressed by her wit and fierce intelligence. She completely blew me away at her graduating showcase in 2018 and I was thrilled that she chose me to represent her.

Matching the client to the job is really important to me and after graduation Renée showed an increasing interest in working with young people. She, like me, feels that representation and putting back is important so the Young Shakespeare Company seemed like a natural fit. She thought they were “the loveliest people in the world” when she first auditioned for them. Lucky for us, the YSC thought the same about her and cast her as Juliet in their current tour of Romeo & Juliet.

Touring schools in the UK at the moment, she’s super excited to be taking Romeo & Juliet out to Gibraltar later in the year.

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