The Doctor will see you now…

The Doctor will see you now…


Like a lot of seventies kids I used to watch Doctor Who from behind the sofa and hope it wouldn’t give me nightmares. I’ve been an avid fan from Tom Baker right through to Jodie Whittaker so it’s always a thrill for me when any of my clients get to join the Whoniverse.

Rhys Jennings is, of course, no stranger to the Big Finish audio dramas having worked with them a number of times but Max Hutchinson is making his debut. You can hear both of them in the upcoming release The Lone Centurion as Felix and Marinus respectively.

The Lone Centurion follows Arthur Darvill, reprising his role as beloved Rory Williams, as he searches for the Pandorica – which he was meant to be guarding but appears to have misplaced.

Have a listen to the trailer below and then order your copy at Big Finish.

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