To move is to stir…

To move is to stir…


When a client texts you to say they’ve had “one of the best days of their life” you know that they’ve been working on something pretty special.

So obviously I’m beyond excited to see Tats Nyazika as Greg in this new, dynamic film version of Romeo & Juliet which is being released in 2021. It stars Olivier Award winner (Dear Evan Hansen) Sam Tutty as Romeo and Emily Redpath as Juliet, both making their film debuts.

This version of the classic text is directed by Nick Evans, produced by the dynamic new production company Metcalfe Gordon and was shot in Stratford using state-of-the-art VR technology.

2021 is already looking a whole lot brighter. Well, perhaps not for Romeo & Juliet who still end up dead. Ooops, spoilers.

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